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Our aim is to provide a straight forward guide for the rates we charge relating to the services we deliver. We will adopt a flexible approach to meet your needs which will include:

Hourly rates

This is based on the amount of time spent on your matter and although we will have no way of knowing what this will be at the outset, we will provide you with a cost estimate based on our experience of matters similar to your circumstances. Download our current hourly charging rates by clicking the 'hourly rates' button.

Fixed Fees

At the outset of a matter we will agree to act on your behalf on the basis of a fixed fee and you will be told at the outset what the fee will be, and the fee will be confirmed in the engagement letter.

Should additional work be required, or should the transaction be more complicated then we reserve the right to review this fee. Any additional costs will be agreed prior to the work being carried out.

Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA)

A conditional fee agreement or CFA is an agreement with us which would provide for your fees and expenses, or any part of them, to be paid only in certain circumstances - usually only if your case is successful.

Damages Based Agreements (DBA)

A DBA is an agreement under which we would make no charge for our services during a case. Instead, if the claim succeeds, we are paid a percentage (agreed at the outset of the case) of the damages recovered by you.

Legal Expenses Cover

This could either be Before the Event (BTE) or After the Event (ATE). BTE legal expenses is an insurance policy often found on home or car insurance. We will review your case and consider any BTE insurance you may have. If you do have BTE insurance, we will work with your insurances to secure funding for your case.

ATE legal expense insurance is only appropriate for some cases and is usually to insure against the risk of losing and you having to pay the other side's costs. Our Solicitors will work with you to consider whether ATE would be suitable and assist you in any application for ATE.

Download detailed fee information by clicking one of the buttons below:

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