Are you looking to take on staff for the first time? Or already have employees but want to improve your existing contracts?

You may think contracts only exist once written, but one is created as soon as candidates accept a job offer. For both you and your staff, it’s best to be as clear as possible when it comes to employment terms and conditions.

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Employment contracts aren’t just written. From the moment a person accepts a job offer, a verbal contract of employment is created.

They aren’t just restricted to one document either. An employment contract can be made up of several different materials like employee handbooks and dress codes.

You are legally required to provide a written statement, though. Every employee must get a Statement of Main Terms (SMT) within two months of starting their role. The SMT outlines the terms and conditions of your employee’s role.

If you fail to provide SMT within the two months, you could face an Employment Tribunal. In this case it would be left up to the Tribunal to decide their working terms and conditions. You’ll have to give compensation of either two or four weeks’ pay. So it’s vital you get SMTs done before it’s too late.

A basic employment contract should give your employees express terms. These are terms such as rate of pay and hours they’re expected to work.

As well as these explicitly stated terms, employment is also made up of implied terms. Implied terms of a contract are those that don’t need to be stated. These include things like; right to equal pay and the expectation that you won’t steal from your employer.

Because there’s so much to employment contracts, it can be easy to get confused. For this reason, it’s best to have as much in writing as possible.

If your employment contracts are clear, you’ll avoid future disputes. Verbal agreements are easily forgotten or remembered incorrectly. If you rely on something subjective like your own or another person’s memory, you’ll be more likely to come into disagreements.

Fortunately, at Bendles our employment law specialists are experts. With the contract writing services of Bendles you’ll get clear documentation for all your employees. We'll help you outline exactly what’s expected of them.

It may seem like a big cost at first. But getting proper contracts in place is far cheaper than the legal fees disputes can bring about. You’ll avoid plenty of hassle in future, and keep your business’ reputation intact.

Everything is easier with the right documentation. From dismissing employees, to making changes to their duties, well defined term leave no grey areas. Written contracts are the perfect way to safeguard your business against future legal problems.

So whether you want a full time employment contract, part time, or even for an apprentice, Bendles has you covered. Don’t wait to learn from your mistakes after gruelling court cases. Being proactive is far ebtter than being reactive. Get in touch with one of our employment law specialists, Stuart Irving or Michael Johnson, today to protect your business. Give us a call on 01228 522215 for a faster response.

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