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Employees are integral to the running and growth of your business. For this reason it’s vital that you do things by the book. Otherwise you risk lowering staff morale, or incurring penalties that will cripple your company.


"I chose Bendles because they have a brilliant reputation and I have heard several individuals recommending them over the years. I thought the service was excellent and the lawyer was very professional, fast and efficient. I would recommend Bendles for excellent service, fantastic advice and all round good service. Mr. Stuart Irving provided excellent advice and customers service and I would consider using Bendles again and again."

- N. Meakin, Carlisle

You may think employment law is simple, but one misstep can have disastrous consequences. There tend to be changes made to employment law every year so, given its changing nature, it’s best to consult with someone whose job it is to stay up to date.

Employing staff is a huge responsibility because of this, you’ll find employment law covers a wide range of legislation.

At Bendles, we cover the following areas of employment law. Whether you're an employer or an employee, we'll help with:

Before you even take on staff, employment law affects you. You need written contracts in place and formal written procedures for disputes and grievances. Without these your company will be subject to large penalties if a dispute does arise.

You need to apply employment laws all the way from recruitment to when employees leave or are dismissed.

At Bendles we’re experts in employment law. We’ve helped many businesses through difficult and stressful situations, so we’ve got all the necessary experience to help you.

Hiring your own HR person is expensive and not something most small businesses can do. By using Bendles to stay on top of employment law you'll save money. We'll be your very own HR department – without having to pay a full salary.

Whether you need help with just one aspect of employment law, something more in depth, we'll help. One of our employment law specialists will visit your premises to explain more complex areas of the law. We’ll even give seminars and presentations to your staff to ensure everyone knows where they are.

Can’t find the aspect of employment law you’re looking for? Get in touch with one of our employment law specialists, Stuart Irving or Michael Johnson, to find out how Bendles can help you. Give us a call on 01228 522215 for a faster response.

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