Had a disagreement with your neighbour? Living near to someone, there are bound to be issues that you don’t agree on. It’s unfortunate when these issues become more than mere disagreements. Neighbour disputes are sensitive issues and sometimes it can be difficult to come to an agreement.

Do you need boundary dispute resolution? Or help with any other neighbour problems? Bendles has been helping the people of Carlisle resolve disputes for over 200 years. Get in touch for a consultation if you think you need legal help. Give us a call on 01228 522215 to arrange one now.

Being on bad terms with those who live around can make you scared in your own home. If difficult neighbours persist you can be left constantly on edge. Your quality of life and mental health may suffer as a result.

Disputes between neighbours are best resolved quickly. Otherwise your home and the surrounding area may become unpleasant places.

No matter how you feel, you’ll want to try and maintain a good relationship with your neighbour. Often simple disagreements between neighbours can be solved without the need for litigation. Even if compromise seems impossible, you may not need to go as far as court. We’ll help you come to an agreement without going to court. So you'll avoid the unpleasant experience and uneccessary legal fees.

You may have disputes over some of the following issues:

  • Access to neighbour’s land for repairs
  • Responsibility for shared amenities - drains, pipes, shared drives, etc
  • Boundaries, fences and walls
  • Children - noise, damage
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Parking spaces
  • Trees/hedges
  • Abusive neighbours

Boundary disputes are a particularly contentious area of neighbour disputes. They are often complex because of the way property ownership is recorded in England and Wales. The plans on file aren’t necessarily accurate. Normally, they’re based on Ordnance Survey maps. These are only intended as a guide on where the boundary lays.

Before any other action, Bendles can arrange for a solicitor’s letter to be sent.

Because of the difficulty finding out what belongs to who, it’s best to try and come to an agreement. Solicitors can help you do this by offering mediation as a more formal means of coming to an agreement. The presence of a solicitor can help calm all parties down, and force them to act reasonably. So you’ll be able to come to a fairer agreement.

It’s best to come to us before the dispute gets out of hand.

So whether you need help with land boundary disputes or complaining about noisy neighbours, Bendles are here. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can best resolve your neighbour dispute. Contact our dispute resolution specialist, Michael Johnson, to arrange a consultation. Give us a call on 01228 522215 to book one now.

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