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At Bendles, we realise not everyone has the same understanding of the law as us, so we try to make complex legal problems simple. We won’t confuse you with legal jargon, we’ll make sure everything is straightforward and easy for you to understand.

Any problem you have is better addressed sooner rather than later, so we’ll do everything we can to resolve your problem out of court.

You may think you can’t afford a solicitor, but getting one early on can save you a great deal compared to the cost of going to court and further legal action. We’ll give you a free legal consultation about your problem. So you can find out your options and the exact cost. It might not be quite as expensive as you thought. In some cases, you may even be eligible for legal aid.

Just a few of the personal matters Bendles can assist with are:

  • Adoption - do you want help with the adoption process? Or obtaining a Special Guardianship Order? Our Children Panel member solicitors have the expertise to make things stress-free.
  • Child Care Proceedings - worried you might have your child taken from you? We’ll do everything we can to help you keep custody of your children. With our help you can avoid court and get the best outcome for you and your kids.
  • Cohabitation - have you just moved in with your partner? Do you want something in place so you know who gets what if you break up? We’ll help you draw up a Cohabitation Agreement to avoid messy situations in the future.
  • Property - are you a landlord? We can prepare contracts for you so your tenants know exactly where they stand. Homeowner? We’ll help you remortgage and save money.
  • Residential Property - buying or selling a house? We’ll make sure your case gets handled swiftly by the same dedicated conveyancer, so you don’t miss out.
  • Personal Injury - if you’ve suffered an injury and it wasn’t your fault, we’ll help you make a claim. We offer a no-win no-fee service. We’ll assess the strength of your case before we pursue it. So you don’t have to go to court unless your chances are strong.
  • Dispute Resolution - do you need to take legal action? We’ll give you advice before you do so and help you along the way. Problems are better solved sooner, so we’ll help you come to an agreement out of court where possible.
  • Divorce & Separation - do you want to end your marriage or civil partnership? We’ll help you every step of the way. We do everything we can to make the experience less stressful for you. We offer Collaborative Law so court is the very last port of call.
  • Domestic Abuse - are you suffering abuse in your own home? Whether you need advice on what to do, or more immediate protection, Bendles can offer a helping hand.
  • Wills, Estate & Probate - not made a Will yet? Or need to update one after a change of circumstances? Bendles will ensure you have a valid Will before it’s too late. If you’ve recently suffered bereavement, we’ll help you apply for Probate, or if something’s not right, we can help you challenge a Will.
  • Power of Attorney - worried about what might happen if you were to lose mental
    Capacity? Bendles can help you set up Lasting Power of Attorney for peace of mind. So you needn’t worry about your finance and care when you can no longer handle them yourself.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know your exact problem and we’ll gladly let you know how we can help. Get in touch today to start discussions. Give us a call on 01228 522215 to start sooner.

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