Do you feel uncomfortable or intimidated at work? Bullying is something you might think only happens in the school ground. But it’s unfortunately common in the workplace, too. Dealing with harassment and bullying as an adult can be embarrassing. But it’s never your fault and you should always seek to get the problem solved.

Looking for bullying and harassment solicitors in Carlisle? At Bendles we’re employment law specialists and have been serving the people of Carlisle for over 200 years. Get in touch today to find out how we can help relieve workplace bullying and harassment. Give us a call on 01228 522215 to find out sooner.

Bullying and harassment at work may make you feel alone. But you’re far from it. According to a workplace survey by law firm Slater and Gordon, nearly 6 in 10 people have seen or been the victim of workplace bullying.

It can take many forms, but all bullying serves to make the victim feel worthless. It can be subtle. You may find yourself quietly excluded from meetings and social activities. Or it can be more overt in the form of sexual harassment, racial abuse or even physical violence.

Whatever type of harassment you’re subject to, you’re bound to feel isolated. You won’t want to go to work if you’re in constant fear of being bullied.

Your ability to do your job may suffer, and so will your mental health. Depression and anxiety can develop. So it’s important you take action if you feel you’re being victimised at work. You wouldn't expect someone else to work with people that make them feel worthless. So why should you?

If you’re an employer, it’s your responsibility to have measures in place to prevent harassment at work. Bullying gives any workplace a toxic atmosphere. If employees are able to single out others, productivity will drop. You’ll lose money. Worse, you’ll gain a reputation as a business that neglects its staff’s welfare.

At Bendles, we’re experts in employment law and handling workplace disputes. Sometimes bullying is just down to miscommunication. If you come to us, we’ll do all we can to help resolve the issue peacefully. If that’s not possible, we’ll also represent you at a tribunal. You don’t deserve mistreatment at work. We’ll help stop it.

If you run a workplace, we’ll also assist implementing anti harassment policy. You'll get preventative measures in place to maintain a peaceful work environment. We’re also able to give anti-harassment and anti-bullying training to staff.

Whether things are bad and you need to obtain an injunction for harassment, or you want to nip it in the bud, we’re here.

Get in touch with one of our employment law experts, Stuart Irving or Michael Johnson, today. They’ll help you put a stop to workplace bullying and get the outcome you deserve. Give us a call on 01228 522215 for a quicker response.

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